Domain Extensions

  • .com
  • .org
  • .net
  • .edu
  • .gov
  • .mil
  • .shop
  • .online
  • .site
  • .tech
  • .world

Some domain names have a suffix (extension) that indicates which 'area', or country it belongs to. You can view a complete listing of domain extensions here.

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Domain Names

A domain name is the specific address of a website. Like - When obtaining a domain name, the Domain Name System (DNS) assigns a specific number to each individual site (an IP address or Internet Protocol Address number). This would look like for instance. Now, you can type an IP number into your browser and get to where you want to go, but who could possibly remember all those numbers? Thankfully, ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), who is responsible for managing the assignment of domain names and IP addresses has a system in place to 'translate' what you choose as a name into the underlying number system without you even having to know or worry about it.

Why do you need a unique Domain Name?

Your domain name should reflect what your site is about. It wouldn't do to have to represent a site about cakes! It should also be as short as possible and an easy to remember name.

Types of Domains

Is your site personal, or a business? Maybe you're building a site for a school. Or are you a non-profit organization. Your answer to these questions will determine what the extension ( the .com, .org, etc.) should be. These are called TLD's, or Top Level Domains. The main extensions are: .com, .org, .net, .edu, .gov, .mil.

What is registering?

Registering a domain name is where you actually select a domain name that is available and then purchasing it. You'll want to go through a sanctioned registrar of Internic, the Internet Network Information Center, who, under the control of ICANN, manage the address databases.

Once registered, no one else can use your domain name.

As with hosting services, there are a multitude of businesses offering help in this area as well.

With a bit of creativity and some serious thought, Creation Solutions can present to you a selection of domains to choose from that will make your site stand out from others.

Characters in a Domain Name

Domain names may be made up of only letters, numbers, and hyphens. Domain names are not case sensitive. So typing in WWW.CREATIONSOLUTIONSWEBDEVELOPMENT.COM is the same as You can take advantage of this when advertising your domain name. Another example, let's say your domain is, wouldn't it be easier to advertise in print as!

Things to keep in mind:

  • »»  should be easy to remember
  • »»  easy to spell
  • »»  matches your current business name if possible
  • »»  .com for business
  • »»  .org for non-profit
  • »»  keep it short
  • »»  make it memorable