Site Development - Start to Finish


The basic concept comes from you the client. As we delve into your particular business or site needs, and understand your personal preferences, we then have the information needed to produce the site's initial layout.

Layout Proposal

Having obtained from you what you desire in a site, we then produce a basic layout proposal for you to approve. We can think of this as a home layout drawing. You've told us what you want, so before we start to put up the 'walls' we'll verify that this is it.


Upon your approval, the coding of your site begins. All the features are optimized as the process continues toward completion.

Adding Content

Here's where your graphics and content are placed strategically and help 'fill out' your site.


Each page is validated as to its compliance to web standards.


Testing of your site is now done across multiple platforms and resolutions to insure that the site maintains its integrity.


Now that your site has passed inspection it's time to officially launch!


Your site is now live on the internet for all to see. Submitting to the search engines is the next step in making your business known.

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Site Building

This is where we'll discuss your needs and how they can best be met. What is your business model, and do you currently have a branding - your unique imaging that protrays who you are and what you provide? This would encompass such things as your logo, color scheme, and tag line or slogan.

Do you have a Domain name already reserved or are you still searching for just that right one that people will remember. Is the site you envision going to be large or relatively small?
These are just some of the items that we'll obtain from you via the online Request a Quote Form.

Getting it Right

Should you request a site be developed, a site proposal will be produced, based on your specific requests, and be presented for your approval. If you're satisfied with the proposal, we then sign a contact and the creation and web building process will begin. clip board graphic An initial amount of one half ( 50% ) of the total cost of design and development and the full setup fee (domain and hosting costs) will be required at this time. All present and future costs will be specified in the site proposal, which includes your continuing monthly fee (paid to the hosting company) to Host your site and a yearly fee (paid to the registrar) to maintain your Domain name.

Factors to Consider

Web Standards

There are many organizations and professional developers that have formed a consensus of what constitutes standards in relation to html, xhtml, css, etc.

Here is a listing (though not exhaustive):

A standard as defined in Webster's dictionary:
stand-ard [stan-derd]- something considered by an authority or by general consent as a basis of comparison; an approved model.

We therefore have by general consent a basic model. Those organizations referred to above are the authority. However, as in any endeaver, things don't always go smoothly. There are those web designers that still insist on using tables to lay out their sites, or don't use cascading style sheets but instead put their styles inline with the content of their pages.
Standards are meant to alleviate as much as possible the difficulties of the diverse devices used to 'view' the internet. Making the internet accessible to more people allows more people to view your site. And that's a good thing!

Site Optimization

Insuring your pages load fast insure that all your visitors won't have to wait to view your site. Too many graphics or too many scripts running on a page could slow you down. Maximizing performance of your site - That's what optimization is all about.

Basic optimization is included in the cost of production. This includes such things as graphic optimization - making the site graphics as small as possible - without losing clarity. Producing the page code using web standards by separating the style sheet(s) from the markup also greatly reduces page load time. And all multimedia are also compressed for their maximum affect on your web pages.