Maintenance Plans

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What if you or your staff simply don't have the skills or time to maintain your website? Website maintenance involves many areas of knowledge and plenty of skill to insure that your site mantains its integrity as a whole, and that you don't loose any customers.

Things change, whether we're talking prices for a service, the introduction of new products, or special events and sales. Who's going to insure that your site is current with these changes?

For a minimal fee per month your site can maintain the same look and functionality no matter what changes or additions come. Let us help you maintain that look. We have a plan to fit any need.

Simply email the changes, latest special or newest product information and they'll be up on your site the same day!

This additional feature to the web plans and its specific fee will be discussed with each client upon determining the type of site and functionality requested. If your current site was not built on web standards, additional fees may apply.

The prices quoted below are for plans paid for on a yearly basis. An additional 15% applies if paid monthly.

Bronze Plan

The Bronze plan gives you 4 hours of site maintenance per month.

This is for small size websites. It's your key to keeping your site fresh and ensuring return customers.

The cost is $100.00 per month. (if paid yearly)

Silver Plan

The Silver plan upgrades you to 6 hours per month.

This is for medium size websites. Your content needs to be changed, but not too often.

The cost is $150.00 per month. (if paid yearly)

Gold Plan

The Gold plan upgrades you up to the next level at 8 hours of site maintenance per month.

This is for medium to large websites. Normal maintenance would include adding/deleting graphics, inputting calendar data, updating databases, general content modification, etc.

The cost is $200.00 per month. (if paid yearly)

Custom Plan

Should you need a more robust maintainance plan for your site, Creation Solutions Web Development is here to meet that need.

We'd be happy to consult with you about this option and discuss how it can help your site continue to be successful.

And upgrading from one plan to another is easy - just pay the difference and the additional hours needed are provided.

Download our Website Maintenance Plans Brochure