Site Development - Start to Finish


The basic concept comes from you the client. As we delve into your particular business or site needs, and understand your personal preferences, we then have the information needed to produce the site's initial layout.

Layout Proposal

Having obtained from you what you desire in a site, we then produce a basic layout proposal for you to approve. We can think of this as a home layout drawing. You've told us what you want, so before we start to put up the 'walls' we'll verify that this is it.


Upon your approval, the coding of your site begins. All the features are optimized as the process continues toward completion.

Adding Content

Here's where your graphics and content are placed strategically and help 'fill out' your site.


Each page is validated as to its compliance to web standards.


Testing of your site is now done across multiple platforms and resolutions to insure that the site maintains its integrity.


Now that your site has passed inspection it's time to officially launch!


Your site is now live on the internet for all to see. Submitting to the search engines is the next step in making your business known.

How do you determine the Cost?

There are many factors that go into determining the cost of 'building' a website.

»»  Site Size

  • How many pages?
  • How much content on each page?
  • How many contact forms?, etc.

»»  Site Graphics

  • Do you have a current graphic for a header banner or do you need one designed?
  • Do you have a brand logo? Using your current logo or branding and graphics will of course keep the cost and time of graphic production down!

»»  Site Dynamics

  • Static pages are designed once, filled with content, and are finished!
  • Dynamic pages on the other hand are designed to interact with the user; whether a database, fillable form, or other user application. These will of course require more time to design and depending on the complexity may require an additional fee.

»»  Site Content

  • If the content from the client is not provided in electronic form (.doc file, rtf file, etc) it will need to be produced; hence increasing the cost factor. This is called copywriting.

»»  Software

  • Software solutions are chosen for your particular needs. If you require customized scripting, the time involved determines the cost. If an off the shelf solution will be adequate, the cost of the software, set-up time and labor will apply.

»»  Site Ecommerce?

  • A shopping cart and it's attendent set-up costs will of course add to the overall cost factor.

With Creation Solutions...

You'll get an affordable, quality site with fast production time.

And, there are NO setup fees, NO annual fees, and NO hidden charges for web design services.

There is the cost of purchasing a domain name (if you don't have one). - This is currently between $10 and $16 per year.

There is also a cost to host your site. This is where your website files are located and accessible to the world wide web.

These will be included in your Site Proposal to help you make the best informed decision to ensure your site is an asset to your business.

If you're excited about this venture and ready to go... Then Let's get Started!